Solving Fingernail Problems

Did you know that fingernail problems can reveal serious medical conditions? They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But, fingernails come a close second when it comes to reflecting internal health and wellness.

Not all fingernail health issues portent life threatening illnesses. Most problems are minor inconveniences that only damage how your nails look. But, some fingernail concerns can be warning signs of deeper systemic health problems.

Yes, fingernail problems are not just harsh on the eyes. They can be clues to your health status. So, pay attention to your nails. They could save your life!

Fingernail Fungus

Some people seem to be plagued with fingernail fungal infections than others. Anyone who keeps their hands submerged in water has a higher risk of developing fingernail fungus.

Swimmers, dishwashers, and housekeepers are great targets for nail infections. All it takes is a moist environment, a damaged nail, and a few fungal spores. Like magic...You've got a raging fingernail fungus infection!

Most fingernail fungal infections are relatively harmless and just visually unappealing. But, an underlying fungal infection could mean that you have a weakened immune system.

Fingernail Ridges

Ridges on fingernails seem to alarm people quite a bit. Most nail ridges occur as we age. The aging process slows down nail growth, which leads to ridging. Trauma and injury are also common causes of nail ridges.

Of course, some cases of nail ridging can be traced back to more pressing medical concerns. Often,vertical and horizontal ridge patterns on your nails each have different underlying causes that you should be aware of.

Discolored Nails

If you're a smoker, discolored nails come with the territory. It's not uncommon to see yellow or brown marks on the fingernails of smokers.

Discolored nails can run the gamut from red spots on nails to black fingernails to even green nails. No, I'm not talking about nail polish. I'm referring to truly green-hued fingernails.

When it comes to discolored nails, these fingernail problems could be no cause for alarm. Or your strange hued nails could be telling you about a major undiagnosed health problem.

Fingernail Clubbing

Fingernail Clubbing/Dersherinka-WikiCommonsNo, I'm not talking about taking your nails to a night club! Nail clubbing also known as “drumstick fingers” and “watch-glass nails” is a potentially serious nail condition.

Nail clubbing usually indicates a problem in the body's respiratory and circulatory system (lungs and heart). Clubbing is not always a major issue. Some people develop fingernail clubbing for no known reason and have no medical problems.

Nail Pitting

Pitting of the nails simply means that small indentations are present on the nail itself. With pitting, there can be multiple small dents in the nail. Nail crumbling and damage to the cuticle may also be associated with fingernail pitting.

Many psoriasis sufferers are aware of the effects of nail pitting. However, there are many other medical conditions that can cause nail pitting.

Brittle Nails

Have dry, cracked, brittle fingernails? Maybe you need to take a look at your diet. Protein is an essential part of nail growth and strength. Eat adequate amounts of healthy lean protein sources to your diet for maximum nail health.

The natural aging process takes a toll on nails as well. Brittle nails can be a fact of life as we get older. But, there are supplements and herbal remedies that can help to boost your broken down fingernails.

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